First of all, let me just say that The Red Man is – and always has been – a Truth Seeker. Under most circumstances a visit to Samadhi, the Healing Arts Center in Johnson City, Tennessee with sympatica Amigas who provide spiritual enlightenment and alternative treatments for the aches and pains and vicissitudes of life would be a bonus on any vacation; however, unfortunately my nerves were a little jagged from the lengthy ride up the road from South Carolina to Rocky Top Land. Sweet Lady Gaga. I thought I would never be able to stretch my legs…so I’m afraid I couldn’t relax at the Relaxation Mecca on Day Two of our mini-vacation.


Love the floors – just right for pacing


Pretty got right into the spirit of things with Tenn Amiga and sound therapy


OMG – another covered bridge

The next day (Day Three for those who are counting) the old woman Slow and Tenn Amiga visited yet another covered bridge in Elizabethton, Tenn while Pretty checked out the antique stores. Big difference in this bridge, though. The place was overrun with DUCKS.

Quack, quack – who’s there?



ย Nice Ducky



To add insult to injury, the final stop at the end of Day Three was Elk Falls. Do I detect an aquatic theme here…what is wrong with you, Pretty? You know Slow has a water phobia. Thank God for her zoom lens or we would have no record of our fun whatsoever.




Okay, Elk Falls truly scare me. Stick a fork in me, I’m done with Water Adventures. Get me to land and take me home, country roads. Adios, aquatics.


Slow and Pretty with moi on dry land in West Asheville, NC

(photo courtesy of Huss Brothers’ grandparents)

All’s well that ends well, Sports Fans, as The Red Man is fond of saying, and once again we are all safe and sound under the same roof at Casa de Canterbury after a brief detour to visit Hottie Doc Too on the way into Columbia on Day Four since apparently the Water Adventures gave me a bacterial ear infection.

I’m telling you – Pretty’s retirement is killing me.

Get me outta here, Percy…I’ve got to get to bed early tonight because Wimbledon starts bright and early tomorrow morning at the crack of dawn. ย Trust me. I’m ready for some indoor entertainment.