Well Amigos, I can say that while living with two lesbians for fourteen years The Red Man has heard a LOT of talk about coming out of closets. As a matter of fact, “closet” is practically a four-letter word at Casa de Canterbury…

Spike in closet 2

not everyone got the “closet” memo

Spike in closet

Severe thunderstorms wig all of The Three Musketeers (Tennis Ball Obsessed Chelsea, Squirrel Chaser Spike and moi), and a really bad storm last night spooked Spike to take refuge in the pantry closet where he clearly felt safe.

Hm…I wonder if that’s why some of the gays loved their closets, too. Sweet Lady Gaga. Just imagine.

So Sports Fans, more bad weather is on the way tonight, and Spike is already heading for cover. I can’t really blame him. As a matter of fact, I’m getting a little nervous myself. That last flashing crackle of lightning was way too close for comfort.

Get me outta here Percy…where’s that Thunder Shirt when you need it…