Well Amigos, The Red Man is stunned to say that Tennis Ball Obsessed Chelsea has found the right combo of Happy Pills this week and is off to the races on her three good legs whenever the old woman Slow or Pretty makes a move to feed us. Yessiree, TBO Chelsea may be under the weather but she has definitely NOT lost interest in her chow.

Get out of her way and never get between her three good legs and meals – wherever they are being served. Lately, she has been a regular Diva and Slow and Pretty practically fall over each other trying to get her water and food with her meds and chipped ice, too.  Chipped ice? Are you kidding me? TBO Chelsea thinks she is the Queen of Sheba and Slow and Pretty are her handmaidens. Well, I never.

This afternoon she went outside in the back yard for a little warmth. For some reason, Pretty has it in her head that TBOC requires Cool Temps in the house and I promise you could hang meat in our place but of course you wouldn’t want to since Slow and Pretty are still pescaterians. Brrrrr.

When TBOC decided to get a little heat, The Red Man kept her company.

Chelsea in Back Yard August, 2015

Keeping it real in the sunshine

So Sports Fans, we’ll hang in the back yard at Casa de Canterbury whenever we need to thaw out this weekend and hope all of our cyberspace Amigos will be able to locate some sunshine as the summer winds down in our hemisphere.  Wherever you find yours, pass it on.

Get me outta here Percy, I think I hear someone lifting the lid to the treat keeper. I’d better hurry.