Well Amigos, the American political process is alive and well and another Peep Presidential Election must be just around the corner because we see Candidates popping up everywhere except on ESPN and the Tennis Channel.

Old Uncle Sam had a mess, E – I – E – I Oh. And with that mess he had some candidates, E-I-E-I Oh. ย With a snip, snap here and a snip, snap there…snip, snap, snip, snap everywhere a snip, snap. Old Uncle Sam had a mess, E-I-E-I Oh.

Clean up the mess –ย let’s runย Pretty for President! That’s right. The Red Man is convinced Pretty has all the leadership qualities necessary for the job because she’s had so much experience being in charge. Pretty has been in charge of the old woman Slow and Casa de Canterbury for years. I’m talking years – as many years as The Red Man can remember, and it hasn’t been an easy job, let me tell you.

Pretty doesn’t bother with negotiation which has been a big problemo for Peep Presidents in the past. No sirree. Pretty’s Presidency would be more like the one across the Pond where they have a woman in charge of the Big Things. I’d say Queen Pretty would fit her better than President Pretty, if you catch my drift.

Hm…let’s see. Will Pretty have to have a Convention to officially nominate her and a Party to back her? The Red Man prefers a Convention close to home so maybe we could have it in Hopkins at the farm on Backswamp Road…yes, that would be perfect. Her Party could be the Life is Good Party since she and Slow already have so many of those tee-shirts.

The Red Man is feeling it now – Paw Snaps and Twirls to himself for having such an inspiration on a Monday morning.

Get me outta here, Percy. I need to make plans for a fundraiser…Pretty for Pres!