Miss Poppy Seed, Cassie P, Dr. Zeus and their Ma and Granny in Pennsylvania. Miss Harper Lee and Tallulah and their human mommy and daddy in New Orleans. Cricket and Butterfly and Rachel and her mom in New York City. Luanne the poet in Arizona. Robin a/k/a peace, love and great country music. Terry the caretaker. Don the philosopher from South Africa who just moved to London. Favorite Australian Author Dianne Gray. Twitterers Sonny and Skye and their family in Florida. Annie and her Animal Couriers who carry our favorite furry friends all over Europe. Fredrieka and momwithoutpaws. Granny and little Binky.

These are a few of our favorite cyberspace Amigos who have jumped aboard The Red Man’s Rants and Raves Train at various times during our past five years and kept on riding with us; and we are the better for it. We want to know what’s going on with them and love to read their stories when they lay them out for us as intergalactic communications.

When The Red Man began his rants and raves five years ago this month, he had no thought of his “future.” He couldn’t imagine five years from then. He barely remembered yesterday. He had no friends except Pretty and the Pack at Casa de Canterbury. He had no editor to help him – just the old woman Slow who was – and still is – a worthless curmudgeon that is difficult to work with on her best days.

Today, as he stands on the brink of this historic five-year anniversary, he wishes to say Muchas Gracias (which is Spanish for many thanks) to his 1,451 (which is numbers for one thousand four hundred and fifty-one) Amigos and Sports Fans who make The Red Man a part of their cyberspace experience. As he gives his opinions on a variety of subjects, he hopes to enlighten and entertain…well, maybe enlighten is a stretch but hopefully, entertain.

Red in Rosewood - Sept 2015

The Red Man on a walk today with Slow

For all those we added to our family during the past five years including the Little Women of Worsham Street and the Fabulous Huss Brothers and the Boring Cousins when we were bi-stateual, we also lost some of our favorites: Granny Selma. Aunt Sweetie Pie. Smokey Lonesome Ollie. Paw Licker Annie.

Regretfully, we never solved the mystery of the Missing Baby Jesus from the Nativity Scene in Navasota, Texas but then you can’t do it all. Score one for the Bad Guys.

The Red Man has no regrets on this Anniversary. He has had more fun than a barrel of monkeys with his Rants and Raves and thinks he probably lives the good life. At least, that’s what Slow keeps telling him.

Get me outta here, Percy…we party during our Anniversary Month and are sending extra Paw Snaps and Twirls to celebrate with all of our Friends of Red this weekend!

Red and Chelsea in Rosewood - Sept 2015

Tennis Ball Obsessed Chelsea with me and Slow today

(this is how we roll)