Well Amigos, no good deed goes unpunished, as Granny Selma used to say when she had her right mind and you can ask Pretty today if she believes it.

Tennis Ball Obsessed Chelsea has been doing so great for the past week that Pretty decided to do her good deed Saturday evening and take her for a little walk around the block. An itsy bitsy teenie weenie walk around the block…what could possibly go wrong, right? Plus it would make TBO Chelsea happy to get out of Casa de Canterbury for a few minutes.

Turns out TBO Chelsea felt so happy she slipped out of her collar as Pretty walked her, ran into a neighbor’s yard on the corner up the street, and was promptly bitten by a yellow lab who evidently disliked black labs that came to visit without an invitation. Shit house mouse.

To make a very long story short, Pretty and the old woman Slow spent the remainder of the weekend at the ER vet’s place which is in the same building as Uncle Collin Gist’s so the vets could share all the Bad News together. Brother, that file must be a thick one.

So now TBO Chelsea is back at Casa de Canterbury with numerous staples in her leg and a few on her belly – none of which she had before Pretty did her good deed. Pretty and Slow are sleep-deprived and appear in worse shape than she does, if you catch my drift.

The Red Man maintains his customary good humor and rosy outlook while all around him are in shambles with the exception of Squirrel Chaser Spike who isn’t really tuned in to much of anything except squirrels anyway.

Get me outta here, Percy…looks like Slow wants to take me for a walk…no way. She’ll have to catch me first.