Well, Amigos…what can we say to our friends in cyberspace except muchas gracias for your kind words of support today for all of us here at Casa de Canterbury during the practically Biblical proportions of epic flood waters that cover our entire state of South Carolina.

It is a real disaster for sure, and we are very sad for what we see and hear on our local news programs that have shown people and their pups and purrers being pulled from rooftops and put into boats transporting them to safety. Boats in the streets. Sweet Lady Gaga. And to top it off, our 4 Paws Clinic with the Hottie Docs was completely submerged today…totally under water. No news on when they will be open again. Unbelievable.

Casa de Canterbury has been spared the flooding and still has electricity but no city water since water mains are broken somewhere in the vicinity. Pretty cleverly filled a bathtub with water so that should help for the next few days.

She also made a chocolate cake as an emergency source of food when the takeout containers have all been emptied. Let them eat cake.

The old woman Slow continues to monitor the TV for regular updates so that she can maintain her typical Woe is me, whatever will become of us cheerful disposition. Honestly, if she could just give it a rest we would all appreciate it.

She did take a few photos this morning outside of our Casa.







These pictures are why she never gets a raise.

Get me outta here, Percy. I hear the rains coming down again…hope everyone stays safe through the night. The Red Man will keep you posted…stay tuned.