The  Red Man and all of his family at Casa de Canterbury were horrified to learn of the tragedy in Paris.  We grieve with the French for the senseless slaughter of people in the  places they went for relaxation and entertainment on a regular Friday night after work.

We are especially concerned for our cyberspace friend Annie and her Animal Couriers who are from France and who have been followers of ours since The Red Man began his rants.  Annie and her Couriers transport large numbers of passengers every day all over Europe. From rabbits to birds to turtles to cats to dogs – any animal with a family need to get from one place to another – all are safeguarded and given excellent care on their journeys. The stories are wonderful, and the pictures of their cargo are always awesome. On the Road with Animal Couriers is a blog that has been a Friend of Red forever.

Our hearts are heavy for them this morning, and we wish them safe travels as they continue their business of carrying precious passengers from one home to another.

Casa de Canterbury stands with our friends Annie and her Couriers and the people of France today as they struggle to cope with the crimes against humanity that happened in their capital city overnight. We know they will recover, but we understand and share the feelings of grief and anger they have today.

Bless you all.

The Red Man sends Paw Snaps to you today for the courage he knows  you will have to persevere in the midst of this crisis, but he is too sad to send Twirls.