Well Amigos, here’s the thing. Anytime the old woman Slow goes to the trouble of grabbing a handful of the tiniest treats in the whole wide world and luring me to my bed in the living room while she sneaks out the back door with Pretty and the Big Dogs, The Red Man smells a rat. Yada, yada, yada.


Tennis Ball Obsessed Chelsea and the camellias at the farm

Hm. So I recognize those flowers. They belong to the front yard at the Hopkins farm on Backswamp Road that is home to two of The Red Man’s faithful followers, Amigos Dick and Curtis. Well, well, well. So that’s where the party was this afternoon.


Pretty and Uncle Dick like to walk with the dogs


Fence Jumper Spike loves to visit the farm –

and Top Dog Chloe


Oh, Brother – look who laps up Pretty’s attention


I’m sure all that running free at the farm wears you out

– too bad


Guilty conscience – so sorry, Red –

we asked them to bring you

Ha, insincere – apology unaccepted

Well Sports Fans, here’s to a fabulous weekend for all of you as Thanksgiving looms large on the horizon and the Casa de Canterbury crowd is very thankful the college football season looms smaller and smaller. 2015 has been a disaster on so many levels…just as I predicted, and the Longhorns and Gamecocks have led the Disaster Derby.

Get me outta here, Percy – we’re on the fast track to the holidays, and The Red Man needs his rest.