Well Amigos, The Red Man had a Day of Beauty yesterday at the Mill Creek Pet Food Center and it didn’t come a minute too soon.  Evidently the Grooming Budget has been severely slashed this year, and my new look for the fall of 2015 was the Rip Van Winkle.

Spa days are always exhausting, though, and last night I crashed on the old woman Slow’s lap while we watched a documentary on Archie Manning and his little boys Peyton and Eli. During the documentary commercials we listened to a Gamecock basketball game on the radio. Sweet Lady Gaga. Talk about Sports Overload. Yep, this is how we roll at Casa de Canterbury on a Friday night in December while the rest of the world parties.

Red and me - 2015 - red at groomer

Fence Jumper Spike and Tennis Ball Obsessed Chelsea

crash on sofa while The Red Man is ready for his Close Up

The old woman Slow reminded me that just last week she and Pretty had gone to a holiday party at The Capital Club and had a fun evening. I doubted that, but she had the picture to prove it. I was so shocked I put it in a frame and named it the Official 2015 Christmas photo for Slow and Pretty.

Sheila and T Xmas 2015

Get me outta here, Percy…less than a week until Santa comes and I’m wondering if I have enough time left to turn Naughty into Nice on that list he’s double-checking?