Well Amigos, The Red Man cannot let the day pass without remembering one of his favorite heroes: Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.


This poster is one the old woman Slow has kept in her office in places she has roamed from Hillside Lane to Bee Ridge Road to Woodrow Street to Canterbury Road to Worsham Street in Texas and all the way back to Canterbury Road in South Carolina. This poster is well-traveled.

She got it in April, 1993 when she marched in Washington, D.C. with her friends for some kind of equal rights for the lesbians – at least that’s what she tells me. Of course The Red Man has to take her word for it because he’s only been with her since Pretty rescued him in 2000. Anyhow, Slow swears by this quote from Dr. King, and I have to give her credit for taking such good care of it. It’s a winner. It’s uplifting.. and gives us all hope for a day when everyone will be on the same wave length for treating  each other with respect and dignity.

No more worrying about bombs or terrorists or hostages or shooting or nuclear explosions or…whatever. No more name calling. No more shouting at each other or shaking paws in each other’s faces…no more barking incessantly for no reason except to hear yourself bark. Sweet Jesus – enough is enough, and Dr. King had that vision which he passed along to the rest of us.

Freedom to be – you and me. This cannot be denied.

Get me outta here, Percy – the Holiday will be over before The Red Man shuts up.