…but he played better than me, said Nadal in his post-game press conference. And that about sums it up from where we watched in the bleacher seats in our living room at Casa de Canterbury last night.




Well Sports Fans, the old woman Slow’s interest level in the first tennis Major of 2016 dropped like a ton of bricks with the exit of her all-time favorite player Rafa Nadal in Round Numero Uno which is Spanish for Round Number One of the Australian Open. Shit house mouse.

Spanish was everywhere last night as Fernando Verdasco, a fellow Spaniard, bid Rafael Nadal adios and don’t let the tennis racket hit you on the way out of the locker room, Amigo.

Here a Spaniard, there a Spaniard, everywhere a Spaniard, Spaniard.  Australian Open had a match, e-i-e-i-o.



Can anybody help me here?

Apparently not, Rafa. The Red Man can’t decide if your problems are physical stamina for a fifth set, mental toughness for the fifth set 0r Por Favor Dios, is it the lack of new tactics to adjust to a changing men’s tennis game by your old Coach Uncle Toni???

Get me outta here Percy…hopefully Roger Federer will stay around for a while for Pretty’s sake while Slow sulks and moans about Rafa. Stay tuned, Sports Fans.