Well Amigos, welcome to the Sunny South or as we’ve been calling it since the Flood of Fifteen in October, the Poor People’s Pacific Northwest. The old woman Slow considers herself to be the current Casa de Canterbury residential expert on weather in the Pacific Northwest since she lived in Seattle, Washington for three years before she moved to South Carolina. So every once in a while she mutters something like I might as well be living in Seattle if I’m never going to see the sun again until spring to which Pretty replies oh you are just given to high per bow lee about the weather anywhere and everywhere.

The Red Man would love to know who  Highper Bowlee is because one of them is always telling the other one they are being given to him. Then they laugh about it like it’s some kind of a joke if you’re being  given to Highper  Bowlee. They don’t laugh about Harper Lee or the recently departed David Bow-ie or even the legendary Butch Cassi-dy and the Sundance Kid….where did that come from…but they get a kick out of Highper Bowlee. Of course, everyone knows Pretty and Slow are easily entertained by themselves but rarely play well with others.

As a matter of fact, if you take away movies at the Nickelodeon and the Lady Gamecocks basketball games and the Business Guild meetings once a month, these two pretty much lay so low they’re practically cave dwellers. That’s why the Pack of Casa de Canterbury were all so pleased to have three of our favorite peeps drop by to play Shanghai Friday afternoon: War Eagle Nan, Robin and Donna Too Good – and even happier to know that Pretty won the money. Show us the money, Pretty. Heh, heh. My little joke for the day. Pretty is not likely to be showing us the money anytime soon.

But apparently she plans to spend some of her money this afternoon on lunch and a movie which means The Red Man will be left with Tennis Ball Obsessed Chelsea who is still zonked from her chemo on Thursday and Fence Jumper Spike who I wish someone would give to Highper Bowlee but no such luck. Ho hum. The Red Man will catch up on the Australian Open, the Lady Gamecocks basketball game with Mississippi State, and the NFL Championship games today while Slow and Pretty are gone. As a matter of fact, good riddance. I’d like to be in charge of programming at Casa de Canterbury this afternoon anyway.

Meet you at ESPN, SEC network, and CBS sports networks this afternoon, Sports Fans – BYOB or in my case BYOT(reats). We’ll have a ball  – as a matter of fact, we’ll have the best time ANYBODY could EVER have ANYWHERE in the world. Oops – I hope I’m not going to be given to Highper Bowlee.

Get me outta here Percy, The Red Man better have his wits about him in case Highper Bowlee shows up looking for him in the cold and “unsunny” South. Kind of like The IceMan Cometh and everybody worries about that.