Well Amigos tomorrow is Super Bowl Sunday and The Red Man is ecstatic to have a night when the blows are delivered by linebackers and strong safeties instead of politicians who want to be the US President. Sweet Super Bowl Beyonce – thank you for rescuing moi from the endless blah, blah, blah of the so-called “debates.”  How can so many say so little so loudly over and over again.

Casa de Canterbury is a divided house, I’m afraid. The old woman Slow has been a Panthers fan from their beginning up the road in Charlotte. Pretty likes them, too, but she’s been a Peyton Manning fan since his college days at Tennessee and thinks this might be his last rodeo so she wants him to go out a winner. Luckily, both of them aren’t huge pro football fans anymore so we aren’t expecting the same passionate shouting and carrying on which has  now shifted to the round ball and the Lady Gamecocks.  No debate about that.

Beyonce is back, according to a new song she’s singing these days – The Red Man never for a minute thought she was gone – and he will be waiting to howl when she takes center stage at halftime. Wow. Beyonce. Wow.

Super Bowl 50 means the Big Game is half a century old, and Slow remembers Super Bowl Numero Uno, if you can believe that historical fact.  Wow. 50 Super Bowls. Wow.

And so Sports Fans, enjoy the commercials, the halftime entertainment, the food, beverages, the touchdowns with the extra points that are pointless and the high drama of the Star-Spangled Banner. Settle back for a truly American spectacular event.

My name is The Red Man, and I approve this Super Bowl promotion.

Get me outta here, Percy – I need to practice my Cam Newton moves…


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