Well Sports Fans Super Bowl 50 has come and gone, and Pretty is happy that Peyton Manning is going out with a bang (or a Budweiser?) and the old woman Slow is glad that Amiga Kati popped the cork on the champagne she brought before the game started rather than afterwards. It was a long, very long night for Cam Newton and the Panther offensive line. Denver brought its Big Boy defense that dominated.

Sweet Lady Gaga.

No, seriously, Sweet Lady Gaga.

The Red Man mentioned last time that nothing  topped the high drama of the Star-Spangled Banner and this time he nailed it.  Not even Beyonce at halftime was as fabulous as Lady Gaga singing the National Anthem.

The Red Man even thought he heard Francis Scott Key rise up from the fireworks to say, Now that’s how it’s supposed to be sung!  Rock on, Gaga.

Get me outta here Percy – I’ve got to switch gears to some other Ladies in a hurry – the Lady Gamecocks who are Number 2 in the nation are hosting UConn – Number 1 – tonight. All this Sports excitement is making me a doggie on the edge. Go, Lady Gamecocks! Beat the Huskies!