Sigh. Well Amigos, The Red Man is in a funk today. The old woman Slow and Pretty left Casa de Canterbury early this a.m. to make a long trek to see Barbara the Tax Preparer. Yuck. The Tax Man Cometh every year, and there is always much weeping and wailing and gnashing of teeth throughout the casa by Pretty whose filing system leaves much to be desired due to lack of interest and who prefers waiting until the last minute to unravel the mysteries of her financial activities.

Thank goodness for Barbara the Tax Preparer who has a magical machine that brings order to the chaos that is the 21st century reality for Β Casa de Canterbury.

Of course Slow has been prepared for weeks. Who’s surprised. What else does she have to do. She certainly doesn’t spend much time with her “work.” Whatever.

Pretty, on the other hand, has managed to leave a trail of paper in the kitchen and living room and is downstairs now trying to determine what she can do with yet another year of piles of little receipts and notes that she used for compiling her 2015 important numbers.

OMG, QUICK! I can’t see Pretty anywhere!!

Get me outta here, Percy…I believe Pretty has been swallowed up by paperwork and The Red Man must rush to her rescue…catch ya later, Sports Fans.