Tennis Ball Obsessed Chelsea

(December, 2005 – March 18, 2016)


 Chelsea and Pretty play ball


Chelsea never met a tennis ball she didn’t like…


…or a lake she didn’t want to cool off in

Pretty kidnapped TBO Chelsea when she was six months old – scooped her up from Number One Son’s house one afternoon when he was away – and brought her home to join the Pack when they lived in Spring Valley. At age twenty, Number One Son was long on love but short on resources. The old woman Slow pretended not to see Chelsea for several weeks since Annie, Red and Ollie were already on the scene and she wasn’t happy to have a Grandpuppy to raise with the three other children.

But Chelsea persevered and won a place in the Pack and in all of our hearts and stayed  with us for ten years. Pretty adored Chelsea, and the feeling was mutual.


While Slow and Red were in Texas, one of the little women of Worsham Street rescued Spike and put him in Slow and Pretty’s front yard. And then there were five in the Pack. When Spike and Red came home to Casa de Canterbury, Chelsea loved Spike and made him feel welcome. She and Spike both loved Dick and Curtis’s swimming pool at their farm – especially when it was covered.



Spike, Chelsea, The Red Man and Smokey Lonesome Ollie

filled up a king-sized bed

Chelsea’s legendary loves for food and a tennis ball were almost equal – with food slightly tipping the scales. She loved her food until her very last breath and munched on treats as she crossed over to look for Annie and Red and Ollie in the field where they were waiting for her.

Chelsea’s legacy is her sweetness. Pretty and Slow both agreed they’ve never ever had a dog who was as sweet…and they will miss her loving self every day of their lives as will Number One Son and his beautiful wife Pretty Two.


Number One Son and Chelsea at Christmas – 2013