Our good friend Nanina d’Onofrio of the Wayside Artist Studio in Pennsylvania sent us a perfect painting of our Tennis Ball Obsessed Chelsea this week – it now has a place of honor on a small table that sits below the paintings she had previously given us of Smokey Lonesome Ollie, Paw Licker Annie and, or course, The Red Man himself.


My photo doesn’t do the paintings justice, but trust me, they truly capture the physical appearance and the souls of our dogs in their eyes. We are beyond grateful for this deeply moving expression of friendship. She has been one of The Red Man’s followers from the beginning of his rants and raves, and we love her works of art.

This weekend Spike had company: our granddog Sadie. She came Friday night and will go back to her house today, but once they got to know each other, Sadie and Spike played and played until they ran out of steam and then jumped in our water fountain and played in the dirt some more and tracked mud in Casa de Canterbury. Spike came back to himself, and we are happy for him and for us for this peek into the possibility that there really will be spring this year after a harsh winter.


It’s nice to have to worry about room in the king-sized bed again.