So this post was supposed to be about my experience Monday night at the Congaree Swamp with my friend Kati who took me out there to see the incredible blinking fireflies that invade the swamp every year and create excitement in Columbia that rivals the Lights at the Zoo at Christmas. That will have to keep for later because we have our own excitement at Casa de Canterbury today…Spike has a new sister!


ย Meet Charcoal Charly

She’s a sweetie, of course, and today was our lucky day. Pretty found her online at the Pawmetto Lifeline rescue shelter here in town and made an application for adoption. Our approval came this morning, and we waited until noon to drive out to see her. (Coincidentally, the place opened at noon.)

She has a checkered past: she was plucked from the Richland County animal shelter along with her eleven pups two months ago – three died and eight were adopted out – no one had a home for the mama, though.


Who could leave this face behind?


In an ideal dog world if we believed in reincarnation, we hope she has the temperament of Ollie, the loyalty of Chelsea, the demeanor of Annie and the spirit of Red. But if that doesn’t happen, we hope she will just be herself and be happy and healthy at Casa de Canterbury. That’s enough for us.