Hola Amigos from The Red Man, your Olympics Reporter on The Edge in The Middle which is in the Great Wherever and has one of the best views in the Eternal Hereafter. Seriously. Rio never looked better from my vantage point. So much for all the hullabaloo about who was going to Rio and who wasn’t. To quote the infamous Scarlett O’Hara in Gone With the Wind, “Fiddledeedee,” which was her nice nineteenth-century Southern way of saying Bite me. Eleven THOUSAND athletes found their way to Rio so I think we can safely say the games are on.


Water Polo – love that ball


Women’s Backstroke – early heats

(I have false start anxiety)


Drive and kick!


Drive and kick – another version – 

USA Women’s Basketball  vs. Senegal


Hey, don’t I know the little short coach on the left?


South Carolina Head Coach Dawn Staley for Team USA – Way to go, Coach!

Uh, oh. Looks like Squirrel Chaser Spike has already had enough of the old woman Slow and Pretty’s obsession with all things Olympic. Tsk. Tsk. Too early for this, Spike.


Wow, looks like newcomer Charly is not a sports fan – too bad for you, kid. You lucked into Lesbian Land where watching sports is a way of life for those two. Better develop an interest because you can go outside if you want to, but it’s awfully hot in that Casa de Canterbury yard this afternoon.


Adios for now, Sports Fans. Stay tuned.