Greetings Amigos from The Red Man who now resides outside your terrestrial limitations and continues to rant and rave from celestial openings in The Middle where he is apparently stuck temporarily while he waits for his upgrade. Thank goodness for the 2016 Olympics which have entertained all of us watching from The Edge of The Middle.

So tennis was canceled on Day Six and everyone is playing at a furious pace trying to catch up. First on the center court this morning was the Old Woman Slow’s personal all-time favorite Rafael Nadal, and he put on quite the show…


…as did his fans in the stadium seats


Rafa played Gilles Simon of France

in a two-set thriller


Rafa celebrates victory with faithful fans

After a paw-biter first set which he won in a tiebreak, Rafa plowed through the second set like a farmer in a cornfield to defeat the dangerous Simon and move on to the quarterfinals. Plus he is still playing in the men’s doubles and mixed doubles later today…whew. The Red Man sends Paw Snaps and Twirls to Rafa as he rocks Rio and the Olympics! Vamos!!

Meanwhile, back at the swimming pool with tons of blue water, another Spaniard won a gold medal in the 200M Butterfly Event. Mireia Belmonte of Badalona, Spain was a happy camper. Get ready to receive The Red Man’s Paw Snaps and Twirls celestial awards for a great race, Mireia, you’re the best.



She didn’t know whether to laugh or cry

The girl from Badalona was Bad, alright but no BADDER than the Americans in the Women’s 4 x 200M Freestyle Relay. Sweet Lady Gaga and Saint Peter at the Pearly Gates.


These girls are on a mission

Team USA had Allison Schmitt swimming first, Leah Smith second, Maya Dirado third and Katie Ledecky bringing it home and boy, oh, boy, that’s what she did. The Americans were almost a second behind at the end of the third leg – and won by almost a second over Australia. Don’t ever count Katie Ledecky out of a race…she swims to win.


Water, water everywhere and Katie knows how to push through those lanes to the finish line. The Red Man sends Paw Snaps and Twirls to Katie and the rest of the team for their stellar performance in the final. Additional Paw Snaps to Australia with the Silver and Canada with the Bronze in this event – both teams totally classy and showing great Olympic spirit.


Give that girl a hand up, Team

she deserves it!

If you think the only drama at the Olympics happens in the water, think again.


The Serbian Women’s Volleyball team gave Team USA something to think about


Team USA won  – but in three tight sets

And while the volleyballs teams were Rumbling in Rio, the same two countries battled it out on another court with a different round ball event: basketball. How about that for Olympic Karma, Sports Fans?



Brittney Griner has talent to match her tats


Number 9 Brianna Stewart a familiar face 

UCONN grad brings street cred to the game

Team USA lived up to their Number One ranking and prevailed over Serbia, but the Serbs played with grit and determination. The Red Man sends Paw Snaps and Twirls to both women’s teams for their attitudes of passion for the game of basketball and their desires to win. Bravo!

Oh, yes, and it’s always good to see a familiar face (or back) at the Olympics Games in Rio de Janeiro. Slow and Pretty were thrilled to see Gamecock Coach Dawn Staley doing her duties as an assistant coach for the team. Everyone in the bleacher seats at Casa de Canterbury is proud of her…


…except for Charly and Spike who are definitely off the Olympic Grid.

Adios, Sports Fans…stay tuned for The Red Man’s Reports from Rio.


Charly has laid claim to the sofa


Spike prefers to ignore the whole Olympic thing