Hello to all of our Friends of Red and his family at Casa de Canterbury.

Unfortunately, Red’s coverage of the 2016 Rio Olympics had to be suspended as all of you have surely noticed. The blame can be laid directly at the old knee of Pretty which was replaced this week with a brand new one by an exceedingly handsome tall doctor from the University of South Carolina Orthopedics team.

Pretty has had a very rough week in the hospital but came home today with the help of Number 1 Son and Pretty Too and was well enough to tackle the 13 steps to reach her bedroom on the second story of Casa de Canterbury. Admittedly, she did this by scooting up each step on her butt with the old woman Slow carrying her bad leg while she scooted, but hey – she made it.

Slow and Pretty are grateful for the support of friends and family this week and are glad to have part of the ordeal behind them. Pretty will be down for the next  6 – 8 weeks, but she will never be out. She’s got spunk.

The Olympics have made the hospital stay better than it would have been with, say, Law and Order or even Blue Bloods; but both Slow and Pretty are horrified by Ryan Lochte and the other swimmers who disgraced themselves, Team USA and the spirit of the Olympic games by their shameful behavior.

Let’s hope the 2016 Rio Olympics will be remembered for the amazing performances of all the athletes we held our breaths for and their records set during the past two weeks and not forever be known as the year of the Lying Handsome American.

We will be watching the Closing Ceremonies, but right now it’s time to give Pretty a pain pill.