Red's Rants and Raves

A Welsh Terrier Remembered

Life as Red Knows It

Red is a rescued Welsh Terrier who has been quite surprised and pleased by the responses to his rants and raves. He always suspected he had a gift of gab, and now he’s found his outlet. He enjoys storytelling, and that’s a good thing because he will be 14 years old in December, 2014, and he prefers naps to walks these days – very similar to the preference of the old woman Slow .He loves his Amigos and Sports Fans and can’t believe his good fortune in having almost 800 of them in cyberspace.

Red was rescued by two lesbians, Slow and Pretty.  He relies on Slow for editing, since he is the graduate of no school other than the school of easy living.  He has won no awards and fears that he is unlikely to do so at this point in his life.  He relies on Pretty for being, well, pretty.

He appreciates your dropping by for a visit and hopes you will mark his rants and raves as a favorite in your WordPress Reader.

Get me outta here Percy…

9 thoughts on “Life as Red Knows It

    1. I declare Miss Harper Lee, aren’t you the sweetest thing? The idea that The Red Man’s Philosophy could possibly be inspiring to you is enough to make us want to smack our granny, but our last granny passed a while back so we’ll just say a great big Thank You!! And yes, I’m sure that carpet was named after moi. Thanks again!


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