Dear Annie,

     Thanks very much for the heads up on the SURPRISE and how would you like it if EVERYONE including Smokey Lonesome Ollie left you in Texas and headed back to see Pretty in South Carolina?   Seriously, if this is your idea of a FABULOUS SURPRISE, you’ve seen one too many Walt Disney Lost Dog Coming Home Movies.  Remember the Home Alone flicks?   Well, that’s the movie I’m in right now, thank you very much.   If it weren’t for the Little Women of Worsham Street, I guess I’d STARVE to death and NO ONE would care.   I can see the headlines now:  Adorable Welsh Terrier Found Dead In Worsham Street House.   Died of anxiety and stress related to being abandoned by a horrible old woman who should be shot for leaving him Home Alone.

     Oh, yes, and thanks for the pictures you’re sending to me.   I can’t tell you how happy I am to see all of you are so nicey-nice and basking in your “togetherness” .   Yeah, live it up, why don’t you?

     I understand it’s Thanksgiving this week.   Don’t worry about me not getting any turkey.   I’m sure Badger’s mom will take good care of The Red Man and show him some love in the ‘Hood while he’s living the solitary life without his pack of one brother and two sisters.  She’ll probably bring me a turkey treat if she can find one.   She loves me, and I’m thankful she does.   God love her, as Granny Selma used to say when she was in her right mind.  

     Well, Annie, I truly appreciate the picture of Hottie Doc.   I can’t believe I missed a visit to see her, too.   That was like adding salt to the wound, if you don’t mind my saying so.    I hope she remembers me with great fondness because you know I always like to be examined by her.   Maybe the old woman Slow picked us up some Feel Good Pills, which apparently I am out of.

     Take care, Paw Licker Annie and give my regards to Tennis Ball Obsessed Chelsea and Smokey Lonesome Ollie.   Oh, and tell Pretty I love her and miss her so much and know in my heart she wishes I was there with her.   You can also tell Slow I said she can kiss my ass.

                                                The Red Man