Geez Louise.   Leave it to the Peeps to come up with something Truly Boring to occupy their time at 8 o’clock on a Texas evening in May.   They get so excited over the strangest things.   Take the Solar Eclipse, for God’s sake.   Hype, hype and more hype about the solar eclipse.   First one in 18 years, have to be there at just the right moment to see it, have to go to the pasture on Old Plantersville Road to get the best view of it, can’t look directly at it or it’ll blind you, should we walk or take the golf cart?   Sweet Jesus.   I was expecting to see this fabulous spectacular sight that would absolutely take my breath away.

I told Spike I really hoped we’d get to go along with the old woman Slow for this life-changing experience.   He’s always interested in whatever The Red Man is interested in so he was up for it.

One of the Little Women of Worsham Street came and walked Spike over to the pasture and the old woman Slow and I rode in a leemo, as Granny S used to call a limousine, although I don’t think she meant the kind we rode in the other night.

Big Crowd came for the Big Event!    Cameras clicking away, special Solar Goggles so they wouldn’t go blind, hoopla galore on OPR at the pasture.   My nerves were jangling – I was a WRECK!

And for what??   THIS???!!! 

These Peeps need to get a life.  Seriously.    Right, Spike?