Well Sports Fans, the Australian Open ended with a bang for the women today or yesterday or tomorrow – The Red Man gets his days and nights mixed up when Casa de Canterbury spends two weeks every year in Melbourne – and the winner was not Serena Williams, if you can believe your eyes.


Angelique Kerber couldn’t believe her eyes…or ears

28-year-old German was first Grand Slam winner 

from her  country this century 


I can’t believe she won, either – but I’ll keep smiling


How did this happen – or I know I have the prettiest smile


Maybe if I squeeze her real tight…


From this view, I win


This is how Champions smile together


The Red Man sends Paw Snaps and Twirls to Angie Kerber

Congratulations to the Australian Open Women’s Champion…this girl has spunk. She was one point away from being eliminated in the first round and two weeks later stood on the podium accepting the winner’s trophy. She was THIS CLOSE to being on a plane home to Germany but she didn’t give up.  She has spunk, and we like spunk.

As for Serena, our Living Legend, well… she still has that one pesky Grand Slam title to catch another German, Steffi Graf, who has 22. Serena reached number 21 at Wimbledon in 2015 but lost to an Italian, Roberta Vinci, in the semi-finals of the US Open last September. Grrr you gotta hate it when you come THIS CLOSE to getting a record and here come the Europeans to snatch your victory from the jaws of defeat. Serena will live to fight another day and the French Open will be here before she knows it. Clay, clay and more clay.

Frankly, my dear, The Red Man is exhausted from the stresses of keeping the old woman Slow and Pretty consoled with the Rafa and Roger eliminations in the men’s draw. They are threatening to boycott the Men’s Final since neither of their Really and Truly Most Favorites will be swinging a racket for the trophy.

Get me outta here, Percy – I’m going to miss Melbourne next week…Adios Australia!