Red's Rants and Raves

A Welsh Terrier Remembered

Our Cast Of Characters For Those Of You Who Just Tuned In

Well,  it’s been five years since The Red Man started his Rants and Raves and sadly our cast of characters has changed dramatically.

The Red Man Himself in his prime

(deceased February 22, 2016)

Smokey Lonesome Ollie Who Had One Brown Eye And One Blue Eye

(deceased June 12, 2013)

Paw Licker Annie – the Grand Dame for 15 years

(deceased October 02, 2013)

Tennis Ball Obsessed Chelsea who loved her food more than tennis balls

(deceased March 18, 2016)

Squirrel Chaser Spike

fence jumper and last dog standing until…


Charly came home with us from Pawmetto Lifeline

we are not sure who rescued whom

Wedding Picture 9-001

The old woman Slow and Pretty

on the front porch of Casa de Canterbury

The Red Man wrote more than 600 posts during his five years of Rants and Raves. No topic was too sacred – no person too important – to escape his unique perspective and wicked sense of humor. However, he wrote with malice toward none and hoped for a better future for all. His most caustic remarks were reserved for his worthless Editor, the old woman Slow who,  despite her numerous faults, loved and adored him as did Pretty who was renowned for her Pretty pets.

It’s been difficult to know how to cope with Red and Chelsea’s death this year, both personally and with his blog. We have a faithful following and would like to continue giving them smiles and chuckles and points to ponder, and we promise to try to figure out a way to do that in memory of The Red Man and his voice. We will do our best.

(And so we have begun trying an experiment with Red’s writing from his new vantage point of The Middle a/k/a Purgatory where he is apparently trapped with Chelsea. The idea was not original – several followers suggested it – but now the timing is a bit better…we’ll see how it goes.)

Thank YEW for being the Best Followers in cyberspace.   If it’s truly a world gone mad, we like to keep good company.

8 thoughts on “Our Cast Of Characters For Those Of You Who Just Tuned In

    1. I enjoyed the visit and look forward to your posts! Thank you for following me on my country- music- quoting blog. too. I apologize for taking so long to “follow” yours. I honestly thought I had at some point but just realized today that I hadn’t. 😦 You will find The Red Man is as outrageous as the essayist who loves country music is serious.


  1. Dear Red,

    Ma here poking around looking at photos of Ollie and Annie. I can’t help but laugh at your description of Slow as worthless, as I’m sure Miss Poppy feels the same about me … Except when it comes to dole out Liver Snaps. THEN, and only then, do I become a VIP! 😀

    I will write Slow a note soon to discuss a portrait of Ollie and Annie that I would be honored and delighted to paint. At the moment, my battery is about to give out, and I can’t think where I put the power cord. How’s that for worthless!!!


    Poppy and Cassie’s hapless human Ma


    1. Oh, Pretty will be delighted to know that Ma is up for the Ollie and Annie drawings! That will cheer us both immensely…

      For additional pictures of them, please go to the web and look for something called “Images” of redsrantsandraves. I don’t know who did it (not me, I wouldn’t have known how) but someone has put ALL the pictures from Red’s blog since the beginning of time. Pretty and I are stumped on that one, but there will be more pictures of them.

      Thank you so very much! I will get back to you on facebook about the materials…

      Much love,

      the old woman Slow who has been truly worthless lately


      1. I forgot to thank you pointing me to these group of photos. I think Google does this. I know can search for collections of photos from my old blogs that I didn’t consciously put together.



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