So, this is the time of day I usually had a visit from Badger or Buddy – you know, late afternoon…early evening.   Granny Selma suffers from something called the “sundowner effect” and I’m not sure exactly what that is but it’s got something to do with the time when day changes to night.   As in don’t let the sun go down on you, says Granny Selma and Sir Elton John, who added that losing everything is like the sun going down on you, if you will.   GS could probably go with that, too,  if she could remember what it was that she lost.   As you may recall, GS asked if my name was Fred the last time I visited her.   Oh, well.   I’ve certainly been called worse.

Speaking of Elton John, the Singing Peep, Slow had a message from her California Peeps today, and I heard her tell Pretty that the girls out there had been to a private party called a Fun Raisin and the Piano Peep had performed!   Imagine being at a home with Movie Star Peeps and being so close to Phil-a-delphia Freedom when he pounded the keyboards and let it all blow Like A Candle In The Wind!   I feel good just thinking about it.   I feel good, nah nah nah nah nah nah nah.   You know that I should, nah nah nah nah nah nah nah.   Oops, wrong song.   Anyway, I don’t know nothing about no Fun Raisins, but moi  is certainly a Lover of Great Hit Tunes and the Peeps who sing them.

Slow and I listened to Elton John, a favorite, on our trip back from Texas recently.   Badger’s mom, one of the Little Women of Worsham Street, gave the old woman a cd for the ride, and we heard his concert in Australia.   Dear God, where do I have to go to get away from all this Australia bullshit?   I mean, what are the odds I’ll ever go down under, as they like to call it?   Do I have any interest in Ayer’s Rock or whatever that big ol’ rock is called down under?   And now, I’m subjected to the Australian Open tennis day and night on television.   And I have to watch the American TV Commentator Peeps eat something called vegemites and making a face like I haven’t seen since Lucy Ricardo made the Vitametavegamin commercial behind Ricky’s back.  The Commentator Peeps HATED them big time, but who cared?

I watch the live matches at night where it’s TOMORROW in Australia, for God’s sake, and then TOMORROW morning I watch the recap of last night.   Are you kidding me????   What’s going on with TIME here?   I just don’t get it.   How can it be tomorrow somewhere when The Red Man knows it’s today?   You see the problemo.   Today and tomorrow must be, I’m sad to say, Peep ideas that don’t stand the test of Pup metaphysics.   Time must be a trick – and cannot be trusted to be real.

And, if time doesn’t really exist, that raises a shitload of other questions.   Alas, The Red Man can’t worry about that right now.   I’ll just send a big shout-out to my friends Badger and Buddy on Worsham Street and tell you that I miss our get-togethers, Dudes!   Stay cool and keep the Hood protected while I’m away and keep the Little Women in line.   You know what I’m talkin’ about.

TIME for the women’s semi-finals Down Under tonight.   I’m hooked.

Catch you later, Sports Fans!