I heard the familiar groans of the Dodge Dakota as it pulled into our driveway on Worsham Street just as the clock struck nine tonight, thank God.   I was worried sick that the daffy old twit Slow had forgotten it was the season finale of The Good Wife which starts at 9:00 p.m. and I’m sure I can thank Pretty for reminding her to get home in time since Pretty is the only Peep with any semblance of memory these days and who knows where the old woman had been roaming around on the Texas back roads today with Amiga Driver who would never think of  the season finale of anything unless it airs on Telemundo.   Shit house mouse.   Yours Truly was a wreck, but needless to say all’s well that ends well and tonight ended on a high note for sure.

Okay, say it with moi.   Julianna Margulies was so hot she was smokin’ tonight in her bar scene with the Guy She Really Loves!   Seriously smokin’ – and I’m not talking cigarettes, either.   Pour me a drink, light me a cigarette.   No, on second thought, light me a Margulies and forget the drink.   Heh, heh.   My little joke for the night.

So, I’ll be on pins and needles until next season, Sports Fans, but in the meantime I see in the headlines that once again real life imitates art as Maria Shriver’s actor-turned politico-turned Philandering Peep husband is asking for forgiveness like Peter Peep on The Good Wife.   Are you kidding me?   Turns out you CAN make this stuff up after all, but Maria’s not feeling  the Good Wife vibes.   Adios, Arnold.   You’re Terminated.

God love you, as Granny Selma would say.