So, I am subjected to an inundation of Feel-Good Sports Moments today with all of the action taking place across the Pond, as we like to say when we’re discussing Europa (which is Spanish for Europe).   From The Open Championship in golf to the FIFA Women’s Soccer Final, today has been a banner day for Under Dogs over there across the Big Water.   That’s right.   If you were an Under Dog and not SUPPOSED to ever win, the Sports Gods lined up just right for you and you became a Top Dog this very afternoon and Yours Truly didn’t miss a minute of it because the old woman Slow is laid up in our king-sized bed or on our sofa downstairs all the time and both TVs were blaring the whole day.   Dear God, will she ever get better??

Our Golf Hero is Darren Clarke from Northern Ireland who joins two fellow countrymen who have real Irish names like Graeme McDowell and Rory McIlroy as winners of the Big Guns Golf  Tournaments over the past year or so.   So what makes Darren Clarke special, you ask, if he’s from Ireland anyway?    You know the old Peep saying, If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again.    Well, this guy tried…and tried…and tried once a year for 20 years to win the Claret Jug Trophy at The Open and is now 42 years old in Peep Age and he moved from Loser to Winner in the middle of pouring rain and winds howlin’ and sun shinin’  on a golf course that looks like pictures of the lunar surface when we Pups howl at it.   Twenty Years.   Are you kidding me??   The Red Man admires your perseverance and also liked it when you said you planned to drink a pint out of the Claret Jug tonight if no one minded.   Here’s looking at you, Irishman Darren Clarke.   You’re a Top Dog.


And the FIFA Women’s Soccer Final went Down to the Wire between our heavily favored American women and the Don’t-Have-A-Prayer Japanese women and the Wire came Down on the side of the smaller but better kickers Under Dogs and the country that needed something to cheer because they’ve been hit with a nuclear disaster, for God’s sake, is celebrating that victory tonight across a different Big Water!!  Oh, and by the way, How Many Times Did You Say the Japanese women had lost to our Americans before the Awesome Win today?  Twenty-six.   So, once again, I won’t be as upset as I could be about the losing effort of a great American team with plenty of spunk and fire and determination and guts but, alas, no glory today.   Another day for you.  

Well, that does it for Yours Truly, Sports Fans Everywhere, and I have to say get me outta here, Percy.   I’m feeling Too Good about Under Dogs – and that won’t do. 

  If at first I don’t succeed, I prefer to take a nap.