Hmmm…this was last year when The Red Man began to Rant and Rave.    Debonair, handsome, a study in classic Welsh Terrier form.   Too bad I have no official papers but then that’s what happens when you’re rescued from the Lexington County Animal Shelter in South Carolina.   Thank God for Pretty.   She recognized right away we had CHEMISTRY.   Yessiree, me and Pretty still have CHEMISTRY ten years later.   Pretty’s the BEST.

This is The Red Man today in the front yard.   One year of Rants and Raves behind me.   I’m thinking I look better than the grass does on Worsham Street in the hottest summer ever.   Record-breaking heat wave and here I am smack dab in the middle of it.   Geez Louise.   Talk about timing.   Leave it to the old woman Slow to bring us Deep in the Heart of Texas for what seems like an eternity.   Can anybody help me??  

Would you believe that daffy old twit Slow keeps a running total of how many words I’ve written?!   It must be the CPA in her.   Forty years of numbers and she can’t stop herself from counting things so now she counts my words.   News Flash:  87,600 words on 180 posts with over 7,000 hits from my Sports Fans in cyberspace.   Dear God.   I have enough words to fill two small paperback books.   Once I started talking, I find I can’t shut up.   Heh, heh.

Well, Amigos, I’m watching The US Open Tennis this week and getting ready for Prime Time Football Season!   My Gamecocks are playing East Carolina in Charlotte and Slow’s Hook ’em Horns Longhorns are playing Rice University Saturday.   Are you ready for some football??   Go Cocks – I just love saying it.   Bring on the fall weather, too.   I need a break.