Hahahaha…BOL (Barking Out Loud)…YOU KILL ME,  YOU KILL ME!      Every once in a while not often but every once in a while – YOU KILL ME, you daffy old twit!!

And so I needed a good laugh after the Cocks got beat by Auburn in abysmal fashion yesterday, right?   Seriously guys.   What’s up with that?   We’ve got Super Cock Marcus Lattimore and he rushes for, pardon me, a total of 66 yards?  In an entire game?    Yoo- hoo, O Offensive Cock Coaches…hello out there.   Knock, knock – anybody home?   The Red Man is trying desperately to understand how it is possible to have a Super Cock rendered impotent?   I fear for the Return of the Chicken Curse now widely known as the I Wish I’d Recruited a Quarterback at Some Point During the Past Seven Seasons While I’ve Been Head Cock Coach But I Must Not Have Curse.   That Curse sounds so much more believable than a Chicken Curse.   Whatever… so call me a Grumpy Gamecock.   You’re a Grumpy Gamecock.

In the midst of my doldrums of despair today I saw a pic the old woman Slow snapped in her OCD picture-taking yesterday when she was visiting her favorite aunt in her aunt’s new apartment in Beaumont.   I am usually annoyed by Slow’s incessant camera clicks but the old girl wound up with a WINNER here.   The title of this one is EX.


Get it??   Think Voodoo Doll with knives…BOL!!   Someone gave it to her aunt as a housewarming gift in honor of a certain EX-beau who shall remain nameless for his shameless behavior.   Note knife placements.   Too perfect.   Ouch.

 With that being noted, hope your new week gets off to a fast start, Sports Fans, and that all your “EXES” don’t live in Texas.   It could get mighty crowded down here.   Yee haw!