Sweet Jesus.  Can life get any more boring??  I don’t even want to LOOK.   Smokey Lonesome Ollie is a Pet-A-Holic and should be admitted to PetAHolics Anonymous, for God’s sake.   Tennis Ball Obsessed Chelsea just loves to get wherever Pretty has been since it’ll be a nice warm spot.   Thank God Paw Licker Annie has a fear of heights so she doesn’t get on the bed with the rest of us.  So this is how my Sunday started.  Watching Sunday Morning on CBS which was showing a couple of gay guys who had a Big Time furniture business in North Carolina.  Yawn.  I mean how do Pretty and Slow stand the excitement…shit house mouse.

Red Man in the front – Big Dogs in the back!!   Oh, yeah.  The Pack Activity today was taking Pretty’s lunch to her at the Mast General Store.  Who Let The Dogs Out??  Slow did and put us all in the Dodge Dakota so we could ride with her to see Pretty who was happy to give us a Pretty Pet when we took her lunch.

On the way back to Casa de Canterbury, Slow stopped to take our picture at the Historic Mills House.  Be still my heart.  Woohoo!!  I really had to bark my head off when we pulled over and didn’t even get a chance to pee.  At least, we didn’t have to go to a cemetery which is always a possibility when we jump in the pickup truck.  Oh, I forgot.  That’s only in Texas.  We don’t do cemeteries in South Carolina.  Will somebody pinch me occasionally so I’ll know where I am when I need me?

Adios, Amigos.  Hope your weekend was a little more exciting than mine and that next week will Pass So Fast you’ll never know what hits you until it’s over…thanks for hanging with The Red Man.   You’re the Best.