‘Twas the night before Christmas in Casa de Canterbury

Not a creature was stirrin’ except Smokey Lonesome Ollie who should be asleep

We’re all dreamin’ of a White Christmas…


while my best girlfriend Miss Poppy Seed who lives in Pennsylvania…


actually is havin’ one!

The Red Man says Enjoy your First Christmas with your Ma!


Meanwhile, we’ll keep dreamin’

Get me outta here Percy…Santa’s on his way…he’s bringin’ lots of toys and goodies on his sleigh and I’d hate to miss out due to technicalities like not being asleep when I’m supposed to be…

Thanks to Poppy’s Ma a/k/a the Wayside Artist for sending pictures of my best girlfriend in cyberspace…she sent them through her blog Raising Poppy Seed which is on our blogroll!  Check her out!  She’s fun…