The Red Man and all of his family on Worsham Street and Casa de Canterbury once again must send heartfelt condolences  to a second group of citizens who have suffered a terrible blow in the USA this week.  This event struck closer to our home in Texas in a little town north of us called West (pop. 2,800).  An earthquake-sized explosion in a fertilizer plant in the town delivered earthquake-like results that destroyed more than fifty homes and other buildings.  The death toll tonight stands at fourteen with at least two hundred injured.  Five volunteer firemen from West, one Dallas firefighter and four emergency responders from surrounding towns were killed as they tried to protect the lives and property of their families and friends.

We didn’t feel the explosion when it happened, but we feel the pain of our Amigos who have lost everything in the aftermath.  Bright lights, big city Boston and lights out small town West – you are both in The Red Man’s thoughts as your Peeps and Pups try to make sense of a senseless week.

To quote the old woman Slow, “It’s a world gone mad.”

One thing The Red Man believes and clings to: West will rise from the ashes as surely as Boston keeps on running.