Paw Licker Annie with her backups Spike and The Red Man

(taking it easy in the sun at Casa de Canterbury last August)

When push came to shove, I knew I could always count on Paw Licker Annie.  After all, she was already living with Pretty when Pretty rescued The Red Man from the Lexington Animal Shelter. Yep, before Smokey Lonesome Ollie, Tennis Ball Obsessed Chelsea and Fence Jumper Spike, Paw Licker Annie was.  She had always been there with me.  She must’ve been as old as dirt – maybe even as old as Granny Selma was when she went to meet her Maker – or whoever Granny Selma went to meet.

And now she’s gone, and I have to say the last year without her has been like losing an anchor and being swept out to sea.  Casa de Canterbury can’t seem to find an even keel with just The Three Musketeers.

TBO Chelsea and Spike are all right, but they ain’t Paw Licker Annie.  Now that was a dame with class.

Get me outta here Percy…I need to go wake up Pretty to get ready for work today…

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