Well Amigos, there is great relief in the ongoing saga of the Missing Baby Jesus: a new Baby Jesus has been purchased by the Church Nativity Committee and our top Grimes County correspondent who happens to be Slow’s cousin and is a/k/a  Church Organist has sent pictures to confirm.  Thank you very much Church Organist, and keep the news flowing.

The exhausting three-year drought of the kidnapping of the BJ is now officially over.  The person or persons responsible for the disappearance were never discovered so no one has been brought to justice for the crime which is now a Cold Case, but then you can’t have everything.

Navasota Nativity Baby Jesus

New Baby Jesus arrived just in time for Christmas –  Hooray!

Unfortunately, Bad News often follows Good News, and this is certainly the case (heh, heh) in Navasota, Texas, on this 15th. day of December with 10 days left until Christmas.

Navasota Nativity Overview

Manger Members now homeless – manger fell into disrepair and disintegrated


Manger members scattered randomly across church lawn – 

gaping hole in leg of Wise Man’s camel – no repair budgeted this year

Navasota Nativity

The cow is too far away to adore anybody

The Church Organist’s brother The Country Farmer is exasperated with the Nativity Committee and their reckless disregard for historical accuracy and has demanded the Chairman be fired –  if he can be found.  The Chairman ran off with one of the ladies in the choir two years ago and has participated in the meetings from an undisclosed remote location since then.  However, sounds of waves crashing in an ocean are often heard when he’s on his speaker phone during meetings.  Hmmm…

So the high drama that surrounds the Church Nativity Scene continues in 2014 with no relief in sight.  The Red Man has trouble remembering how the outdoor scene should look.  Luckily, one appeared today in Columbia.

Nativity Scene in Columbia

Now that’s what I’m talking about

Get me outta here Percy, Pretty is working late at the Mast General Store tonight, and the old woman Slow is dangerous when left unattended…duty calls.