Well Amigos I hate to say it’s come to this, but the old woman Slow has totally flipped her lid this week.  The Red Man blames the Australian Open.

After Novak Djokovic beat Andy Murray in the wee hours of Sunday morning to win the men’s singles championship, Slow has been a blur of activity at Casa de Canterbury, and she is working on my last nerve.  She’s been flying around here going through files in her office, throwing papers out and muttering about needing to file her income taxes.  Honestly, I don’t know whether to bark or howl.

The last straw was today when she went out to run a few errands  (which she would have never done last week while the Australian Open was on) and while she was gone the Chica Amiga who helps us every other week at Casa de Canterbury decided unilaterally to take down the Christmas tree-turned Valentine’s Day/Anniversary tree.  You should have seen Slow’s face when she walked through the front door and stared at the open space in the living room in disbelief.  She LOVED having those red and white lights and the little valentine ornaments.  She had bought new strands of red and white LED lights and  turned them on at night for fun.  She told Pretty the lights were cheerful.

Alas, no more tree and no more fun lights.  Now what will she do for cheerful…I have no idea.


The old woman asked Chica Amiga whatever possessed her to take down the Christmas tree-turned Valentine’s Day/Anniversary Tree without even a discussion, and CA allowed as how she couldn’t tell that the Christmas tree had turned into a different venue and thought it was WAY past time to get rid of it.  So there you have it.

You can see how The Red Man lays the blame on the Australian Open for this trouble.  If the tennis had been on TV like it has been for the last two weeks, Slow wouldn’t have run errands and she could have told Chica Amiga to keep away from the tree today.  But no, now we have a disaster on our paws.  Chica Amiga offered to bring the tree in from the bodega where she had carefully packed it away for another year, but even Slow saw the lunacy of that.  The daffy old twit is wandering around the house this afternoon looking all forlorn and bewildered and decidedly un-cheerful.

She’ll get over it, but in the meantime, get me outta here Percy – how long until the French Open???