Notice to all applicants for the Editor position for The Red Man’s blog: the position has been filled.

The old woman Slow has seen the error of her ways and has agreed to do better. She is determined to be cheerful and amicable and work harder than ever as we look toward our four-year Anniversary Celebration of our Rants and Raves in August, and so The Red Man who is known for his forgiving spirit and kind heart has told her she can keep the job.

That’s right. No more whining about long work hours. No more complainingย about equal pay for equal work. Blah, blah.blah. No more personal days for “medical emergencies.” She has confessed her sins and repented. Praise Lady Gaga.

She is sorry for her poor work habits lately and will be watching fewer Wimbledon matches during the second week this week. (Of course, she needn’t think she’s pulling a fast one over moi…I know there ARE fewer televised matches this week.)

Thanks to all of our Amigos in cyberspace for your comments and suggestions. They are duly noted and much appreciated.

But for now, the Dream Team remains intact.

And speaking of Dream Teams, Paw Snaps and Twirls to the US Women’s Soccer Team in their awesome victory last night! Casa de Canterbury roared when that girlย Carli Lloyd kicked the round ball from Wherever to Kingdom Come. Won’t see that one again for a while, but it was sure fun while it lasted. Hope those girls are celebrating big time today.

Get me outta here, Percy…we got big things going on here tomorrow…one of the Little Women of Worsham Street will be visiting all the way from Texas…stay tuned.