Well Amigos, never let it be said that The Red Man is not literary. Never…not…literary. See? Right there is some for you. But I’m talking poetry literary. The most highly praised real literaries are the Poets. That’s right, and this year I have spoken with my editor the old woman Slow and told her we need to step up the quality of our game in our posts in 2016 lest we appear to be lazy literaries.

Today in our Annual Planning Meeting (we don’t like to overdo meetings) she recommended we begin our upgrade by trying to bring a little touch of class to our rants and raves with a Poem. You know, kind of like a jump-start to the New Year. Hm…let’s see…okay…how hard can that be.

According to Slow, I need to begin by consulting Merriam-Webster’s Rhyming Dictionary and luckily, we have the Second Edition published in 2006 right here in our office. So what if it’s 10 years old? I mean rhymes are rhymes…words that sound alike are words that sound alike – it’s not like they’re inventing a fresh group of words that sound alike every year so we’ll stick with the Second Edition. The rhyming word is either Here or Hear. Take your pick.


A Poem for the New Year

by The Red Man

‘Twas a week into the New Year,

and The Red Man was leading a cheer

for a newer, more thoughtful career,

you might even say new frontier.

Two thousand sixteen is a brand new Leap Year

with an extra day in the celestial sphere

to try your paw at being Shakespeare.

Or maybe even a bio-engineer.

Or not.

Well, Sports Fans, we’d like to hearΒ your comments and suggestions for improvements in 2016. Poetry may not be the answer, but at least we’re making an effort to pioneer. Somebody STOP me. Shit house mouse.

Get me outta here, Percy…what rhymes with your name, Percy? OMG, it’s Lord have mercy!!