Well, I feel much better after a great night’s sleep at the bottom of a comfy king size bed, I can tell you!   Had a brief walk around the grounds with Slow, Getting Slower and then waited for Pretty, Pretty, Pretty to take a shower and get all of our stuff together.   Headed to the truck to crank it up for another day on the road…I see the boxes of books weren’t stolen during the night.   Lucky us.

Pretty and Slow are in a much better mood today, I see.   And, no, I really couldn’t tell you why, since I was dead to the world.   Go figure…

Hey, what’s this?   We’re driving up to the Mobile Regional Airport this a.m.   Is somebody taking the Big Bird somewhere today??   I better be extra vigilant or these traveling Peeps will do something foolish!   Aha.  We’re coming in to the Rental Car entrance.   Looks like somebody is taking the high road and somebody else is taking a low one.   As usual, I’ll be the one in the middle.

So, Pretty went in and was gone for a while and Slow walked with me around the parking lot.   Dull.   They paved paradise, etc.   Cement, cement, cement.   As far as the eye can see.   Boring.   Oh, well.   You piss where you can.

Now, Pretty is driving up in another regular looking car.   Well, there go the boxes of books to that car, thank God.   I swear that Pretty loves her some books.   As far as I’m concerned, she can HAVE them…good riddance.   Plus, she’s taking a suitcase, hanging bag of clothes and her trusty oversized pocket book.    Just look at them hugging and kissing in front of me.   They’re all mooney and everything.  Looks like Pretty is heading north and east to South Carolina and Slow is going south and west to TEXAS, for heaven’s sake.   No wonder Slow has been pouring over maps and fiddling obsessively with the GPS for the past couple of days.   They were trying to make a plan to get to both places at the same time.   Maybe they should try time travel.   Hahaha.  (I have to laugh at my own jokes sometimes.)

I ended up with Slow in the pickup truck headed to Texas.   It’s not so bad with half the stuff gone.   I’m riding in the front seat where I, of course, SHOULD be riding.   My view is much better, and I like to stand in the seat with my nose in the air condtioning vents.   Honestly, this old thing doesn’t have the best a/c any more, especially since it’ll have a hundred thousand miles on it after this trip.   So, I need to get the coolest air I can find, and if it means standing, well, then, I’ll just stand.   At least, the sun’s shining today.