Well, the french fries at Boudin’s were as good as I remembered from the last visit, and I had a great walk around Landrys, the seafood restaurant for interstate tourists.   It’s right next door to Boudin’s, but the clientele is very different.   Slow and Pretty and the local Cajuns patronize Boudin’s, and the I-10 travelers eat at Landry’s.   Slow was so pleased with her fried shrimp and catfish that she called Pretty to make her jealous.   Pretty WAS jealous, since she hadn’t had any lunch at all.   Honestly, you’d think they hadn’t talked in forever.   Chit-chat, chit-chat, chit-chat.

I, on the other hand, was more interested in stretching my legs in the green grass surrounding Landry’s, and Slow let me lead the way in exploring the grassy areas and the old Amish furniture store that was now a ghost building with all the windows boarded up.   Hand made furniture, the faded sign said.   Sigh…I hope they just moved to another place.   I try to be optimistic.

Hmmm…I smell something familiar around here.   Yes, I definitely recognize that scent: cat.   C-A-T.   No getting around that odor.   Maybe I could track it down, but is it really worth it in the end?  So, you find it.   Then what?  I bark.   The cat hisses.   Blah. Blah. Blah.   Big deal.   I’ll leave that for another day.   We’ve got to keep driving.

Lafayette…Lake Charles.   Say goodbye to Louisiana and Welcome to Texas, where it’s only 895 miles to El Paso, according to the last sign.   Are you kidding me??   Thank God I’m not going to El Paso.   This is one BIG state!   It’s as far to El Paso as it is to South Carolina.   Whatever.

We drove through Beaumont and left the interstate for Texas Highway 105.   I’m surprised we didn’t stop to see Slow’s favorite aunt and uncle.   She must really be worried it’s going to get dark before we make Montgomery or she definitely would have stopped in Beaumont.  Hey, Aunt Lucille  – Hey, Ronnie – sorry we couldn’t visit, but we’re on a mission right now.   The end is in sight, and Slow has the pedal to the metal in this rattletrap.

  Highway 105 is interesting for me, but it’s pretty busy today, and it’s getting late.   It seems like we’ve been driving forever, and I am so BORED.  Help!! Can Anyone Get Me Out of This Boring Truck????

Slow made one last potty stop for me in some little place called Moss Hill.   The Moss Hill Assembly of God Church parking lot.   Swell.   Typical for her to pick a church parking lot to stop.   Unimaginative.   Ho. Hum.   I’ll do my best to find something suitable to piss on in a God-forsaken parking lot.   Now, what’s she doing?   Oh, for goodness’ sake.   She’s actually taking a picture of me sitting in the truck with that ridiculous cell phone camera.   She gets really goofy about taking pictures with that tiny phone.   I’m not in the mood at the moment.

Cleveland…Conroe.   Eleven miles to Montgomery, the sign just said.  Only a few minutes more…

We made it!   I’m in the yard at our house, and I’m LOVING it!   Yippeeeeeeeeee!!!!   I think I’ll bark a few times just to let everybody know I’m back!   Hallelujah – I’ve been set free again!!