I’m excited, I’m excited, I’m excited…zippity doo dah, zippity yay.   My, oh, my what a wonderful day!   Plenty of sunshine headed my way…zippity doo dah, zippity yay.   Mr. Bluebird on my shoulder…ok, that’s enough of that.   Plus, it’s all the words I know, but you get the idea.   I mean, this day is perfect – no doubt about it.   It’s cool, and shall I say, a hint of fall is in the air?   Wow, I must be the luckiest dog in the world today.  Or, maybe just in Montgomery, so not a big deal.  Hick town for a city dog like me.   Heh, heh.   Population 489.   That clearly doesn’t count dogs, horses and chickens.   And trust me, they’ve got plenty of all of those.   And, I mean right here in town, too.

Looks like we’re taking the downtown route today.   Slow has two different directions that we walk: the country route and the town trek.   I really don’t care which way we go, as long as we go.   Yep.   We’re headed north up Worsham Street.   It’s all good.   It’s all good.   Lots to see and sniff.   I mean, the smells in the grass in this town are the best anywhere!    I don’t know whether to try to follow one scent or just immerse myself in scent after scent.   It’s a dog’s sniffing Nirvana…

Cedar Brake Park, established 1996, the sign says.   Pretty loves this park, and so did Drew and Caroline.   That’s Pretty’s son and girlfriend who came to visit the last time we were here.   They were always walking around somewhere late at night together.   Of course, not that I don’t think that was a good plan for Drew.   That Caroline is a looker, and so sweet, too.   She LOVES me.   What’s not to love, I ask?

Uh, oh.   There’s Rin Tin Tin in that big house on the corner across the street from the park.   My God, that dog is HUGE.   You know, he can’t be real bright, though.   He comes charging and barking at me and runs all along this LITTLE wooden picket fence like he can’t get over it to get at me.   It’s almost embarrassing for him.   He runs and barks and puts those big old paws on the TOP of the fence and then makes a fool of himself by not just jumping it.   I think I’ll go over and piss on his fence while Slow isn’t paying attention.   This is hilarious!   I haven’t had this much fun since the last time I was here…let the good times roll.

Hey, what’s this?   Rin Tin Tin is out, and he’s headed my way!!!   Curses.   I’m pretty sure this is big trouble for moi.   He’s the size of Ethiopia, and that nose is like the beak of an oversized hawk!   Help!   Help!   Can anyone get this big German Shepherd away from me RIGHT NOW???

Oh, good.   Slow is shouting for the Peeps to come get their dog, and here they come.   The woman says she’s so sorry she didn’t know the gate was open but that their dog is so SWEET he wouldn’t hurt anyone.   Right.   I’ve heard that one before.   Get this big oaf away from me, for God’s sake.  

Slow gets so upset usually when we have a vicious dog attack, but I see she’s handling this little altercation very well.   She must like that brute Rinty and probably believes that line about how sweet he is.   She’s such a sucker for a big dog.   That’s why I have three of them to deal with in our home in South Carolina.   Oh, well.    No harm, no foul.   That’s the last time I’ll piss on that fence.

When I said Adventure Walk, this wasn’t exactly what I had in mind, but I’m not going to let one little brush with danger ruin my walk.   Zippity doo dah, indeed…