Oh, for God’s sake.   What is that old woman up to now?   It’s not even daylight, and she’s wandering the house in the dark.   I’m so TIRED, and I am NOT happy to get up in the wee hours of darkness to follow this woman from room to room.   Oh, and just listen to her.   Red, do you need to potty?   Here, Red, go outside and potty.   Red, I want you to potty.   Red, don’t you want to potty?  

No, I don’t want to Potty!   Are you kidding me?   I don’t even want to be considering the possibility of pottying at this hour of the morning.   Will you please shut up and get in your bed where all reasonable people are right this very minute?????

Well, I know I feel better.   But, what good does it do to get really mad at her when I know the problem only too well.   She’s missing Pretty, Pretty, Pretty.   Yep, I know all the signs.   I see her staring and thinking and staring and thinking, getting up at all hours of the night, eating chocolate glazed donuts from Shipley’s and Dutch chocolate Blue Bell ice cream from Brookshire Brothers – classic symptoms of missing Pretty.   Come to think of it, I guess to be fair I’d better add that she eats those donuts and ice cream whether she’s missing Pretty or not.   Hmmmmm….

I miss Pretty, too.   I heard Slow talking on the phone tonight after our company left, and I think they’re making a Plan for Pretty to take the Big Mechanical Bird to see us next week.   I hope that Plan works out for us.   Slow will be pathetically thrilled to see her.   I will be delighted, but I will also be cool because that’s how I am.   Mr. Cool.

Right now I’m Mr. Exhausted.   After our company left yesterday afternoon, the Little Women in the neighborhood came over to drink wine and eat snacks last night.   I mean, I like these women, but I find it odd that they’re all so short.   What are the odds of having this many short women live in four houses on the same short street?   And Carol brings that crazy dog Badger whenever she comes over, so I played with him while they ate and drank and were merry.   Very merry.   Don’t tell anyone but I secretly Love Badger.   He wants to be Cool, too, but he’s too busy running around and trying to jump on the Peeps and snatch their food off the table.   Heh, heh.   I laughed when I saw him snag some cheese when they weren’t looking.   The boy shows promise, let me tell you.

Aha.   What’s this?   Slow is heading back to bed.   Thank God for small favors.   I’ll miss Pretty some more later on, after I’ve caught up on my zzzzzzzz’s.