Hey, yo Sports Fans – it’s Monday night and new episodes of The Closer are back on TNT!   Thank God for Ted Turner who invented cable TV like Al Gore invented the internet and thank the TV gods of cable TV everywhere for bringing Deputy Chief Brenda Leigh Johnson back to The Red Man for the 99th Episode!   Yee Haw, I may be living in Texas but I know when Happy Days Are Here Again –  Deputy Chief Johnson rocks the LAPD AND The Red Man’s Monday nights!!  

Does it get any HOTTER than this??   Deputy Chief Brenda Leigh and Captain Rader, too??   Somebody STOP ME…I’m a WOLFDOG tonight and I’ve got the howls to prowl…adios, Monday Night Football.   I’ll take Kyra Sedgwick over you guys any time.

Have a great week, Amigos.   It’s almost December and nothing much gets done in December unless you’re working hard like Pretty at the Mast General Store in South Carolina.   When you go to Mast for your Christmas shopping, look for Pretty and tell her The Red Man misses her and wishes he could see her soon.