I swear you’d thought the old woman Slow won the lottery when she brought this early Christmas gift from South Carolina.   It’s a saddle, for God’s sake.  Pretty gave her a saddle for Christmas.   A USED S-A-D-D-L-E and she’s so excited she can’t stand it.   Whatever.   And today one of the Little Women of Worsham Street brought her this old wooden saddle holder to put it on.   Please, please Auntie C, stop encouraging Slow in her cowboy bullshit.   The next thing you know there’ll be a real live H-O-R-S-E in the back yard.   Geez Louise.  Wonder what would happen if I decided to piss on this treasure?   Heh, heh.   I’ve been known to anoint a thing or two in the house.

 Lesbian Peeps can be whack jobs if you ask me, but then nobody asked me lately because SOMEBODY seems to be having trouble forgiving The Red Man and Paw Licker Annie for our little woods adventure this week.   I think holding grudges should be disallowed in the ‘Hood during the holidays.   Where’s the Christmas Good Will to all, I ask you?   Christmas Rule # 1:  forgive the trespasses of those who wander off, and not all those who wander are lost.   Only some of us.

Enjoy the ride this weekend, Amigos, wherever it takes you –  and if you wander too far, conjure up the Spirit of The Red Man and Paw Licker Annie.   We’ll get you home!

Get me outta here, Percy…I can’t miss my NCIS re-runs.   Friday Night rocks the house on Worsham Street when Pretty’s not here.