Sigh.   So we’re driving over to the Park today in our Dodge Dakota with the old woman Slow and we pull up next to this truck.

Paw Snaps!!   I’m with you, Dude – Whole, Cracked and Shelled is exactly how I feel this week!!  

I think he was probably talking about Texas pecans, but whatever.  Semantics.   As for The Red Man, it’s been the Week from Hell.   First of all, you remember Pretty didn’t come to see us on Worsham Street because she was sick.   Well, I heard Slow talking to her today and she finally had to go to a Peep Doctor and get some Pills to try to make her feel better.   Poor Pretty up in South Carolina without The Red Man to whip her into shape.   Yessiree, me and Pretty got Karma all over everywhere together and I could’ve taken care of her if I’d been at Casa de Canterbury this week.   But, no, no no…I’ve got my paws full on Worsham Street in Texas a thousand miles away from Pretty.

Yep, Slow went to see Granny Selma every day this week and yesterday they took Granny S to a Peep Doctor, too, and GS never gets a good report.   I hate to say it, but I wouldn’t be surprised to hear Granny Selma has made the trip to the last Happy Hunting Ground before very long.   They’re trying to get her into some kind of Peep Program for Passages or some bullshit like that.   At any rate, not a good sign for Granny S, if you catch my drift, and the whole idea makes me nervous.   That’s right.   Wigged, wigged, wigged.   Cracked and Shelled.

Thankfully, Paw Licker Annie is oblivious to all the drama and goes on her merry way licking and licking.   Thank God for the old girl and our adventures in the Park.   It was cold but sunshiny at the Park today and we had us some Big Time Fun.   Nothing like a little Running Free to make you Whole again.

So, Amigos, that’s the news on Worsham Street tonight.   Hope the weekend allows you to let off steam and run free in your own Park wherever it may be!   The Red Man will be running with you…

Catch up with you later on.