OMG, here we go…the old woman Slow thinks we can stay up all night and watch the Australian Open tennis tournament LIVE for God’s sake.   Is she nuts???   Paw Licker Annie and I need our rest and I cannot sleep with that incessant plop plop plop of the tennis ball and those God-awful grunts and groans and howling the Tennis Peeps make when they play.   Every year it gets WORSE.   Whatever happened to the QUIET Tennis Peeps?   Did Chrissie or Martina make horrible noises?   NO.   How did they manage to play without HOWLING?   I wonder.

So it’s the second week of this two-week Major Tennis Happening and the Americans have been defeated.   Every man and woman in the singles events.   Gone.  Lock, stock and barrel.    The last woman standing for the USA was Serena Williams and she went down in flames last night.   37 unforced errors and seven double faults on her serve, but who’s counting?   And the household name that defeated her:   Ekaterina Marakova.   That’s right, Sports Fans…we’re talking the number 56 player in the world, but who’s counting?   GeezI Louise.   The Red Man never likes to criticize but I’m thinking Major Meltdown for the home team.

U-S-A!!  U-S-A!!   All the way with the U-S-A!!

In my opinion, we need some PASSION around here with our Tennis Peeps and pardon moi for saying it but I’m thinking we may need us some Fresh Legs, if you catch my drift.   Bring in the B-team and let them play for a while.   The A-team should think about giving it a rest.   I’m just sayin’.   Scour the countrysides and audition a few UNKNOWNS with zeal and zesto and let ’em go after it.   Avoid the usual same old and think outside the Box for a change.   Take a walk on the wild side.   I coulda been a Contender!

Congrats, Eka T – The Red Man salutes you for a match well played and also for not HOWLING.

Well, Sports Fans, that’s it for tonight.  The Australian Open is on and we’re watching it LIVE.

Catch up with you later.