Oh, sure.   I am SO over this.   As soon as we get back to Casa de Canterbury and before the Pills are even unpacked, the old woman Slow starts packing the little red suitcase and counting out her pills one more time.    Has she totally lost her mind?   We just got here you daffy old twit.   And Pretty, how can you possibly leave The Red Man so soon??

What’s this?   I  stay home with Amiga Peep and the Pack and the lesbians head to the Blue Ridge mountains!   Perfect.   Under the guise of Pretty going to work in the Mast Mountain Stores, too.   Please.   They should be able to come up with something better than that tired excuse for a trip.

Oops!   Oh, well.  I like the way this first store looks and I hope Pretty isn’t working too hard.   Wonder what Slow’s up to while Pretty is at the stores.

I should have known she’d be wandering around some old roads looking for C-O-W-S.   Shit house mouse.   They even have cows in the Blue Ridge mountains.   I hope they don’t have any C-A-T-S…

Sweet Jesus.   The Original Mast General Store has a black cat named  Cry Baby that patrols their parking lot.

Get me outta here, Percy.   I need a snack before I crash tonight and I want to be first in the line ahead of Tennis Ball Obsessed Chelsea who has put on a few more pounds in my absence.   Imagine.