So, tomorrow is Good Friday and I’m not too interested in a holiday about being Good but leave it to the Peeps to come up with a Special Good Day of the Week.   I’d vote for BAD SATURDAY myself or OLD BLUE MONDAY but I’m not one of the ones in charge of Peep Holidays.   Whatever.

Be that as it may, I’m a Big Fan of Easter which always comes two days after Good Friday.  Yessiree.  Zippity-do-dah.  Zippity-ay…my, oh my what a wonderful day because Easter means Springtime and chocolate candy and colorful eggs and straw baskets filled with surprises and BUNNIES.   Seriously, I’ve never met a BUNNY I didn’t want to chase.  BUNNIES are known for their enthusiastic love of the outdoors and their ability to HOP, which is a real talent IMHO which is Spanish for In My Humble Opinion.  Heh, heh.  My little joke for the night.

So Easter is about celebrating BUNNIES and their chocolate imitations that are either solid milk chocolate, solid dark chocolate, chocolate bunnies filled with marshmallows, chocolate bunnies wrapped in shiny colorful tin foil, chocolate bunnies in baskets and on and on…yummy bunnies…

Sometimes, though, you can carry this bunny business too far.  Last week when Pretty and I met Slow at the Surprise! Surprise! Sour Lake Antique Mall outside of Beaumont on Highway 105, I thought I’d run smack dab into Jimmy Stewart’s Big Bunny Harvey.  Remember when Jimmy Stewart had that make-believe bunny named Harvey in the old  movie on AMC  and no one could see Harvey except him?   Well, I saw this Big Bunny sitting in a rocking chair outside in the parking lot of the antique mall and thought I’d seen a ghost.  Sisters and Brothers, I had to keep it real and check it out, if you catch my drift.

It was real all right and I thought the old woman Slow was going to have a heart attack jerking my leash so hard.  She was SO Afraid I was going to pee on that Big Bunny.   Ha.  The thought had crossed my mind, but she was too quick for me this time.

Well, Sports Fans, that’s enough about Easter Bunnies for one night so I’ll just say I hope all my Amigos enjoy Good Friday and the long weekend if you have it.  If you’re looking for Pretty, you better go to the Mast General Store in Columbia, South Carolina because she’ll be working tomorrow and Saturday and she has lots of Easter candy to sell at her store so stop by and say hello to Pretty for The Red Man.   If you’re looking for Slow, she’ll be visiting Granny Selma who’s as old as dirt and not in her right mind and won’t know if it’s Easter or Father’s Day which is the only Holiday she brings up any more.  But she’ll be happy to eat a chocolate bunny with you for sure.   And if you’re looking for The Red Man, follow the BUNNIES.

Get me outta here, Percy…